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4 Benefits of Hosting an Afternoon Wedding

August 31, 2020

Benefits of Hosting an Afternoon Wedding | Houston Wedding Photographer- Alicia Yarrish Photography


Benefits of Hosting an Afternoon Wedding | Houston Wedding Photographer- Alicia Yarrish Photography

Saturday evening weddings have been a long time tradition. Many couples won’t even think to consider an afternoon wedding because it’s not advertised as an option. But it is! It’s another case of not knowing what you don’t know. So today I’m showcasing a few benefits to hosting an afternoon wedding.

Why Host an Afternoon Wedding

Benefits of Hosting an Afternoon Wedding | Alicia Yarrish Photography- Houston Wedding Photographer

Get the Ball Rolling

Brides that are beyond ready to say, “I do!” will appreciate hosting an earlier wedding. While there are a lot of things to accomplish before a ceremony, it’s sometimes dragged out over more time than necessary. And for some couples, that can cause stress.

When your wedding is in the afternoon, or late morning, you set your alarm and start the wedding prep. Things move along swiftly meaning less downtime to stress. And I’m all about a stress-free wedding!

Express Yourself

Some couples aren’t night people. Crazy concept, right? Teylor and I have never been to a night club and the one time we made dinner reservations after 6:30 pm we nearly slept walked home. We’d rather do daytime activities and enjoy our sleep at night!

There are so many fun ways to express yourself at an afternoon wedding! A food truck with chicken and waffles along with other trendy breakfast staples. Perhaps a donut wall for guests to choose their favorite sweet treat. Mimosa and coffee bar during cocktail hour. Add a Bloody Mary option if you’re feeling spunky! The options are endless.


While you shouldn’t plan your wedding solely on the opinion of your guests it is a nice gesture to ensure they’re comfortable and can celebrate with you to the fullest. After all, you’ll likely be hosting your family and friends for at least 4 hours.

Your guests want to not only see you exchange vows. They also want to have the moment to congratulate you personally as well as be apart of your other festivities. When a wedding is in the evening many of your guests might need to leave early and miss some crucial events such as your cake cutting.

Elderly guests might not feel comfortable driving home too late and guests with small children will probably want to get their kids home for bedtime. It certainly doesn’t apply to everyone. But likely more of your guests will stay for more of your wedding if it does not go extremely late

Benefits of hosting a wedding in the afternoon photos by Alicia Yarrish Photography, Houston Wedding Photographer

Relaxation time with your man

I saved the best benefit for last! Ending your wedding when other ceremonies are just getting started means more time with your husband! This is especially helpful if you’re leaving for your honeymoon the next day.

Use the remainder of the day for relaxing couples spa treatments or make romantic dinner reservations. Whatever you choose to do with your “downtime” you’ll both love that it’s calm and just the two of you!

Bonus: Light, light, light

That’s the photographer version of “location, location, location” (as a side note location is always second to lighting to me!) When you host an afternoon wedding you have gorgeous sunrise light while you’re getting ready. And it doesn’t end there- you get beautiful light all throughout your ceremony and reception.

I’m a tad bias, but I adore natural light and think more is better!

Benefits of Hosting an Afternoon Wedding | Alicia Yarrish Photography | Bell Tower on 34th

Houston Wedding Venues for Your Afternoon Wedding

Ashton Gardens

Brennan’s of Houston

The Grove

The Houston Zoo

River Oaks Country Club: Forum of Civics

Station 3

Tiny Boxwoods

Any wedding venue can become an amazing afternoon wedding venue! Especially those with an outdoor emphasis or lots of windows allowing in natural light to your ceremony and reception spaces. Have questions on if your Houston wedding venue, or one you’re looking at, would make a great spot for an afternoon wedding with photography in mind? Email me and let’s chat about it!

Reserve Your Photographer for Your Afternoon Wedding


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