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I'm Alicia! The Houston Wedding Photographer to get you the photos you want- minus the stress. I serve couples planning a classic yet stylish wedding in and around Houston, France or Italy. Reach out to reserve your date.

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European Palace Anniversary Session on Film | Josue & Amanda | Alicia Yarrish Photography | European Destination Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

Romantic Germany Palace Anniversary Session | Josue & Amanda

Josue & Amanda | 8th Anniversary When your relationship starts out with, “your name is really weird” you know it’s gonna be great! 😉 During their romantic Germany anniversary session, I quickly realized that Josue and Amanda are made for each other! These two have a serious pull towards one another and their love for […]

May 30, 2018


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Anniversary Session Outfit Guide | What to Wear | Alicia Yarrish Photography

Your Anniversary Session Outfit Guide

Your Two Anniversary Outfits At your anniversary session you’ll wear two outfits. It might seem like a job putting together two outfits for you and your husband, but trust me- you’ll thank me later! Two outfits will give you diversity in your gallery that coordinates perfectly. Your first anniversary session outfit will be the fancy […]


May 23, 2018


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Make it a Date Night! Anniversary Session tips to elevate your experience | Alicia Yarrish Photography | European Destination Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

4 Tips to Elevate Your Anniversary Experience

On Wednesday I laid out some ideas of how to commemorate your wedding day with your anniversary session! These ideas are seriously sentimental and wonderful ways to celebrate your marriage, all you two have been through, and look to the future! Today, I want to talk about a way to make your anniversary session extra […]

May 18, 2018


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Commemorate Your Wedding with an Anniversary Session | How to make your Anniversary Experience Extra Special | Alicia Yarrish Photography | Paris, France and Houston, Texas Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

Commemorate your Wedding Day with an Anniversary Session

For most of my couples, their very first professional photos with one another are at their engagement session. Our relationship continues until their wedding day and by that time they are the ones who are professionals in front of the camera! And it’s my goal that professional photography, along with our relationship, doesn’t stop at […]


May 16, 2018


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5 Reasons Why You'll Jump Up & Down for Your Destination Anniversary Session & Some key logistics for planning the perfect Anniversary Session | Alicia Yarrish Photography | European Destination Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

Why You’ll Want a Destination Anniversary Experience Every Year

You can celebrate your marriage with the Anniversary Experience anywhere in the world, even your own city. There’s certainly something to be said for celebrating your marriage in the place that it’s taken root. However, I think you’ll agree, there’s something extra magical about a destination anniversary session. 3 reasons to jump up & down […]

May 11, 2018


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