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I'm Alicia! The Houston Wedding Photographer to get you the photos you want- minus the stress. I serve couples planning a classic yet stylish wedding in and around Houston, France or Italy. Reach out to reserve your date.

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Your guide to where to stay in Paris based on neighborhood and how you'd like to experience Paris | Alicia Yarrish Photography

Where to Stay In Paris | The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Parisian Neighborhood

When my creative friend and blogger, Amanda of Presque Perfection, wrote a blog post on where to stay in Paris based on arrondissement I was so thankful! I’ve been linking her article out left and right- and if you’ve been one to ask me where to stay, you’ve gotten her article as an answer! I […]

July 18, 2018


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7 Must Have Experiences for Couples in Paris, France | The things you cannot miss seeing in the City of Love | Paris Travel Tips | Paris Photographer | Alicia Yarrish Photography

Must Have Experiences for Couples in Paris

It’s no secret that Paris is one of my favorite places on this beautiful Earth! People ask me all the time what they should see on their trip to The City of Light. What do I say? I request that they slow down a bit and focus more on experiencing the city. Not simply jam […]


July 13, 2018


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Germany Family Lifestyle Session Featured on Southern Motherhood Magazine

Germany Lifestyle Family Session | The Fox Family

Featured on Southern Motherhood I don’t often showcase my lifestyle sessions on the AYP Journal. There’s so much content to get out to you, the bride, about your big day, that it makes it difficult to work in my lifestyle work. This family is so perfect though, I couldn’t not share this session! I photographed […]

July 11, 2018


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Our Black Forest Family Vacation | Schwarzwald, Germany Itinerary and Europe Travel Tips | Alicia Yarrish Photography | European Destination Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

Tuesday Rendezvous | Our Black Forest Family Vacation

When you have a four day weekend you book a trip! This past extended weekend we packed our bags and headed south and found ourselves on a Black Forest family vacation! It was a seriously fun time and the Schwarzwald region has such beautiful sweeping views and forests. Yesterday was Memorial Day. So I won’t […]


May 29, 2018


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5 Reasons Why You'll Jump Up & Down for Your Destination Anniversary Session & Some key logistics for planning the perfect Anniversary Session | Alicia Yarrish Photography | European Destination Wedding & Anniversary Photographer

Why You’ll Want a Destination Anniversary Experience Every Year

You can celebrate your marriage with the Anniversary Experience anywhere in the world, even your own city. There’s certainly something to be said for celebrating your marriage in the place that it’s taken root. However, I think you’ll agree, there’s something extra magical about a destination anniversary session. 3 reasons to jump up & down […]

May 11, 2018


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