Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of photographing clients like you! You care about wedding planning but more importantly, you care about a lasting marriage. Your attention to detail and love for your family and friends shines through the thoughtful wedding celebration you are planning.

I photograph love stories. It starts with a proposal, then engagements, a bridal session, and culminates to your wedding day. It's an honor to be there for these once in a lifetime moments and preserve them.

My couples are planning a stylish, yet classic wedding that values timeless, tangible images to share with their family for years and years to come.

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Most days you can find me sipping on coffee, dreaming of my next excursion to Paris, and celebrating the little things! I love serving the world with my art, creating timeless heirlooms for my couples and their great great grandchildren.

I photograph love stories starting with proposals, engagements, bridal session, and finally the wedding day. My couples are planning a stylish, yet classic wedding that value timeless photos to smile at for years and years to come.  And it's an honor.

When I’m not busy photographing my clients precious memories and details I’m most likely exploring. My little family loves to travel and create adventures. Whether it’s in our backyard, to different parts of the US, or the inspiring streets of Paris.

I can't wait to hear where you're at in your wedding planning journey and how I can serve you, your fiancé, and your families. 

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I’m Alicia

 Hey there! 


Growing up, I had a two big influences in my life: My artistic, creative mom and my analytical, detail oriented grandparents. Those influences came together and left me knowing I wanted a career that would to merge the numbers and analytics I love as well as foster my creativity. At 11 years old my mom gifted me a used professional camera. And that camera became my favorite escape. After playing with my "old" camera for years I knew it was time to get serious.

So in high school, I bought a newer, more professional camera and my photography business was founded. I photographed anything and everyone I could to learn and gain experience. My left brain couldn't just leave it up to experimentation though. I took classes to learn gear, composition rules, and so much more. Throughout college, while I worked towards my degrees in Finance and International Business I continued my photography and never stopped growing.

I photographed many disciplines ranging from still life to commercial and finally, weddings. It was on wedding days that my heart felt full and I knew being a Houston wedding photographer was the career for me, and for my couples. The rest, after nearly a decade, is history. Your wedding day is so special to me, not just another date in my calendar. It's a true honor to document the foundation of your marriage.

"It was on wedding days that my heart felt full and I knew being a wedding photographer was the career for me, for my couples"

My Approach

Being equal parts analytical and creative I know that a balance of both sides of the brain is an integral part of an exceptional experience.

Which is why I created the AYP Wedding Photography Experience. 

It is unmatched in the wedding photography world and I am very proud to offer it to you and your fiancé!

Timely and effective communication with you, your fiancé,  and your wedding team makes all the difference during planning and on your wedding day. And that's why it's the foundation of the AYP Wedding Photography Experience.

This level of communication lends itself to trust and trust is what creates the magic on your wedding day and shines through your photos.

But the AYP Wedding Photography Experience goes far beyond effective communication and trust.  I'm always available with resources to assist you in planning a wedding with photography in mind. 

And my team and I always have a smile and great work ethic that results in all your special moments being captured thoughtfully and creatively.

In essence, my approach to your wedding photography is both analytical and creative, ensuring every detail is in place with a eye for style. And most importantly, that you feel your best in your photos!

And it all starts on the day you find out who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, as you prepare to begin making the memories that will make up your life with one another.
For every big moment in your relationship, I want to be by your side, camera in hand, capturing you living each second. Feeling everything and remembering every detail. With my help, you’ll have photos of memories that allow these genuine moments to exist forever, for you and for your family.

the deep love shared in an engagement photo;

To capture


the excitement

and emotion on your wedding day you never want to forget




Let’s capture the memories of your relationship

the best moments of your entire life - together.


I'm excited that you resonate with my photography and the experience I'm proud to offer! Because you deserve the best, I accept a limited number of weddings each year. 

The AYP Wedding Photography Experience starts at 4500. with couples investing an average of 5500. - 6500.