Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses many tasks from formatting your images, blog posts, and website- all for Google and its' users. 

Because SEO is such a vast topic and very technical in nature many creative entrepreneurs choose to ignore it. 

But SEO gives you a huge advantage over your competition and provides you with room to grow your business! Outsourcing SEO or learning it from a pro is the better option. And that's why you're here!

What is SEO?

Done for you SEO Services

Blog Post Optimization:

– SEO Keyword Optimization
– Optimized Blog Format 
– Image Alt Tags for Target Market
– Tagging Post for Web Indexing
– Appropriate Outbound Links
– Does not include Copy

$199 per Blog Post // $129 per Blog Post with purchase of 5 or more blog post optimizations
*Pinterest Add On: $97 per Blog Post (Tailwind Subscription Required)

Website Optimization:

Available for WordPress, ShowIt, and SquareSpace Websites up to 10 pages

– Keyword Research for your Target Market
– Site Title & Page Optimization 
– Image Alt Tags for Target Market
– Meta Description with Keywords
– Appropriate Outbound Links
– Does not include Copy
– Check list of ways to improve Website Speed

$1800, $100 per additional webpages (includes category and tag blog pages)

SEO Add-Ons:

Google My Business Set Up: $75

Zoom 1:1 Training for any SEO Topic: $500 - up to 3 hour Zoom call

SEO Website/Blog Audit: $499 (Results in a checklist of improvements required for optimal SEO- does not include education on how to do those tasks)

Pin Blog Posts or Features: $97 with Blog Post Optimization, $149 stand alone

SEO Marketing mentorship

During your SEO Marketing Mentorship you will learn SEO strategies that are catered to your business. We will meet via Zoom calls where we will discuss your business specifically so I am able to deliver education topics as well as research that makes sense for the target audience you are wanting to reach.

Topics include:

– Understanding SEO Basics
– The impact of Google My Business
– Meaningful Keyword Research
– How to Optimize Blog Posts fully
   – Formatting for text and images, tagging, categories, headers, outbound links, etc.
– How to Optimize Website fully
   – Formatting for text and images, meta description, featured images, site names and URLs/slugs, outbound links, etc.
– How to take advantage of Google Search Console and Google Analytics
– How to know your SEO is working
– How to leverage Pinterest for SEO
– How to maximize SEO return on publications /features

For investment information on your SEO Marketing Mentorship please inquire via



I'm Alicia, owner and lead photographer of Alicia Yarrish Photography. While I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years, specializing in weddings for 6 of those, I've also been educating entrepreneurs on successful marketing that works now.

My business background comprises formal study in marketing, business law, economics, finance, salesmanship, and accounting, as well as the invaluable practical experience I’ve gained fulfilling my dreams of creating my own photography business and guiding entrepreneurs like you to create the business and the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of. 

As a lover of all things technical, SEO was a natural extension of my formal education and a topic I've spent 10+ years researching and learning about in order to infuse it into my own business. 

I have successfully moved my business 3 times all over the world. I was able to do that because of excellent SEO strategies that I'm excited to share with you! And now, even though our family roots are planted, SEO remains a huge part of my marketing strategy to sustain my annual income and reach new income goals each year. 

Meet Your Mentor

I'm excited to connect and chat about what SEO Services are right for you and your business.