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The AYP Approach to Your Wedding Ceremony

March 1, 2021


The AYP Approach to Your Wedding Cermeony Photography | Alicia Yarrish Photography at The Annex Wedding Venue

Every photographer has a different methodology and approach when capturing each part of your wedding day, including your wedding ceremony photography. It’s one of the top things to ask your photographer before booking. However, even knowing whether a photographer is more hands-on or steps back doesn’t quite tell you how they will photograph your wedding day.

AYP holds core beliefs that shape how we photograph each portion of your wedding day. And your wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments. So capturing it above and beyond is a very big priority for myself, and all our Houston wedding photographers on the team.

The AYP Approach to Your Catholic Wedding Cermeony Photography | Alicia Yarrish Photography - Houston Wedding Photography

AYP Approach to Your Wedding Ceremony

Respectful Wedding Ceremony Photography

Your wedding ceremony is not for show or just for photos. It’s an intimate moment you’ve chosen to share with your closest family and friends. Because of that, it is crucial that my team and I are very respectful of those moments happening and not be a disruption.

Being respectful to you, your families and your guests are equally as important to me as producing excellent photos for you. That’s why you’ll never see us standing in front of key family members. Or crossing in front of your family to switch sides. We will be respectful when we are standing in the center aisle as well as on the sides of your ceremony.

The AYP Approach to Your Wedding Cermeony Photography | Alicia Yarrish Photography - The Annex Wedding Venue

Excellent Image Quality

A delicate balance to being extremely respectful during your wedding ceremony is being in optimal places to give you the professional image quality you are accustomed to seeing from Alicia Yarrish Photography. This also goes into our third core value of capturing all the moments. It requires us to be in the right spot at the right time.

To strike this balance, we have all the gear and knowledge necessary to stand back while giving you the quality and style of photos you want. This part of our approach isn’t just during your Houston wedding ceremony, but all parts of your day such as your wedding reception.

The AYP Approach to Your Catholic Wedding Cermeony Photography | Alicia Yarrish Photography - Houston Wedding Photography

Capture All the Moments

I pride myself, and my team, on the moments we capture during your wedding ceremony. During some Catholic church ceremonies, we are only able to be in certain positions at your wedding ceremony. Because of that we work closely with your church coordinator to create a plan to capture all the necessary moments.

If you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding not affiliated with a church there are generally no “rules” for us. We form our own “rules” and own our respect standards.

It is very important that we capture the core memories happening during your wedding ceremony. These are things like your Groom’s reaction to you walking down the aisle. You walking down the aisle, your first kiss, and the list goes on. There are so many crucial moments to capturing during your wedding ceremony.

However, our approach to wedding ceremony photography also includes the in-between moments. The looks your parents give each other or the happy tears shed as you place your rings on your fingers. The laughter and smiles from your guests as you share vows. This list is also endless!

These moments are things you didn’t know were happening in the moment and you’ll love having to look back on.

Reserving Your Houston Wedding Photographers

Use the form below to inquire about your wedding date. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours with next steps. Can’t wait to chat and hear about your wedding day!

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