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6 Things To Do After Getting Engaged (Plus a Bonus Step!)

August 1, 2018

What to do after getting engaged | First steps after getting engaged | Alicia Yarrish Photography | Houston wedding photographer


Engagement Session at Jack K. Williams Administration Building by Alicia Yarrish Photography

You’re engaged! Now what? Besides Google, “what to do after getting engaged” of course. I’m spelling out the first six steps after your man gets down on one knee and pops the question! I’m even giving you a bonus step, and a cheat sheet that will help you decide on your perfect Houston engagement session location!

I’ll admit it. Some of the steps are more fun than others, but all are important! There might even be a step you hadn’t considered yet. So be sure to read to the end. How many of these tasks have you already checked off your list?

What to do after getting engaged

Step 1. Enjoy the moment privately

You’re excited, you’re jumping up and down, and you’re dying to call your family and friends! But wait. Jump up and down until you simply can’t anymore then let your “YES!” truly sink in and celebrate that moment privately with your now fiancé. Has a ring to it, right?!

You two will never get this intimate moment back. The moment that just the two of you know and it’s your little secret for a few moments or a few hours- however long you want to savor celebrating together, alone with far less chaos.

This is also an amazing time to document the proposal. Every last detail! Future you will thank you. Journal the clothes you were wearing, the smell of the air, where you were, what was going on around you, if he seemed nervous, how fast your heart was pounding, and the words he said to ask you to be his everything, his forever, his wife.

Step 2. Tell your parents & besties

The next step? Obviously tell your parents! I’d say this is the most natural and obvious step on the list. There are so many ways to accomplish this step. It all depends on how creative you want to get! A phone call? Would you rather tell them in person?

This is such an exciting step! You get to squeal with your mom as you recount your fiancés proposal while the men in your life share a congratulatory drink.

Telling your soon to be in-laws is also a big step! Your fiancé’s parents are ready to squeal and congratulate you as well. After all- they want to welcome their new daughter into the family!

And of course- text, call, or jump on your besties to let them know the great news! Or casually invite them to lunch and see who notices your new bling first!

Bridal portrait at Chateau Cocomar in Houston, Texas photographed by Alicia Yarrish Photography

Step 3. Get a manicure & post a ring selfie

Is this a real step? Sure is! It can always be a fun way to tell your best friends your big news! Coordinate a mani-pedi date with your closest friends and see how long it takes them to notice your never-ending ear to ear smile and engagement ring (it won’t take long, promise).

After your manicure is done you’re ring selfie-ready! Whether Facebook or Instagram is your thing take the perfect ring selfie with your man to announce your engagement to the world. Bonus points if your man had his proposal photographed so you can share those with the world when announcing as well.

Also a fun time to ask your friends and followers for their advice on your wedding hashtag!

Step 4. Insure your bling

I know, I know, “Alicia I’m excited and you’re being a buzz kill”. This is a crucial ‘what to do after you get engaged’ step! While it may not be fun or glamorous you’ll feel so much better knowing your engagement ring is insured. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow and better safe than sorry!

Call up your existing insurance company and see what types of policies they have and what information they need from you. This is a great soon to be hubby task! After all, he probably knows more about your ring than you do at this point. Your insurance company might need to know the exact size of the ring, where it was purchased, and what it appraised for. Each company will be different though so it’s best to dive on it and get it taken care of!

What to do after getting engaged | First 6 things to do after your engagement | Alicia Yarrish Photography

Step 5. Have your ring sized

Resizing your engagement ring is a task that may easily get lost among the shuffle. Your fiancé just proposed and you want to sit and stare at your left hand all day (and show friends and family). Luckily, engagement ring sizing does not take long- a few days.  Don’t risk your engagement ring slipping off your finger, and don’t worry about it day in and day out.

Another thing to note is that if you aren’t sure if your ring fits correctly ask a professional! A professional jeweler will ease your mind confirming your ring fits correctly. The jeweler will also let you know if it does not and will need to be sized.

Step 6. Pick your date

The true first step of wedding planning. Picking a date might be what some people think of first when wondering what to do after getting engaged. More appropriately, it’s the first step to planning your wedding!

Your wedding date will determine your pace for the entire planning process! If your date is sooner rather than later you’ll want to secure your ‘big vendors’ as soon as possible. Wedding industry professionals book nearly a year out in some cases. To ensure you get the right people for you’re day you’ll want to inquire as soon as possible.

If your date is further than a year away you might have a few more moments to catch your breathe and celebrate your engagement before deep diving into planning, maybe. 😉

Need some advice on choosing your date? This blog post will help you!

BONUS: Meet Your Houston Wedding Photographer

I might be a tad bit biased, but I believe one of the most important steps to take after you get engaged is to secure your ‘big 3’. Your photographer, venue, and wedding planner.

Your planner and I will have an integral role in your wedding. The planner will ensure you and your man are having your dream day and I’ll ensure your dream day is captured beautifully and fully. We both work together to ensure your day is not only on time, but stress-free!

And you don’t want any ‘basic’ in your top 3. You want outgoing professionals who constantly have your best interests at heart. Because of that, it’s important that you click with your photographer and know they’re the one.

Ready to find out if we’re a match!? Let’s start chatting about your wedding day!

Reserve Your Houston Wedding Photographer

Houston Engagement Session Location Cheat Sheet

Not quite ready to start talking one on one? That’s okay! Here’s another great way to get to know me, what I’m all about, and help you in determining if I’m YOUR photographer! And as a bonus, you’ll also receive my cheat sheet to Houston engagement session locations.

  1. Tyrenda says:

    Love that one of the items was to get their nails done, lol. Great tips

  2. Aida says:

    Okay, getting a manicure is like the best advice I have ever heard! It makes so much sense. These are really good tips!

  3. Deb B. says:

    What a great list of To-Dos post engagement! I wish I had this when we got engaged. I completely forgot to take a ring selfie. Gotta work on that…

    • Haha I think it’s totally okay if you didn’t 😉 I took a few, but I don’t think I posted them anywhere. And I’m a supporter of manicures ring selfie or not 😉

  4. Alyssa Bouma says:

    Love these steps to take after getting engaged! I know it can be such a whirlwind to figure out what to do next. My favorite is number 1- enjoy the moment privately!!

  5. what a great guide for newly engaged couples! So many great steps that sometimes in the whirlwind of emotions can be overlooked like insuring your bling!

  6. Joshua says:

    Cool tips! There is somethings to keep in mind – some women do propose to men too. Same sexes as well. 🙂 However, I totally agree with you that when someone propose you and enjoy that special moment before you make an announcement. We did the exact same thing what you suggested. It is BEST thing ever we did and always enjoy that moment when we look back. 🙂

  7. EJ Dilley says:

    What a great to-do list for after engagement! Booking the photographer is so important after you set a date!

  8. Marie says:

    Step 1 is absolutely the most important! It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind. Take that time with each other <3

  9. Jan F says:

    haha, I love step #2, pretty important one, right? But I def would not go for #4. I hate insurance companies. I always love to read your blog tho!

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